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Paranoid Thoughts From A Twisted Mind

I hate Facebook. I don’t like the idea of friends poking me or people I don’t want to having acess to my private life. As far as I’m concerned, if people are stupid enough to post pictures of themselves having sex with ospreys, employers have every right to raise objections (if you’re having sex with […]

The Sound (of a Troubled Genius) – Part 1, Jeopardy

        First, what a great name for a band! Second, what a great band! Much as I love The Teardrop Explodes and Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sound are the band who should be mentioned in the same breath, who should have had the same success. That they didn’t is slightly puzzling […]

Daily Playlist 14/05/2012

Tournament of Hearts – The Weakerthans My Better Self – Tennis Angel – Massive Attack Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure – The Arctic Monkeys He Can Only Hold Her – Amy Winehouse Memories – Leonard Cohen Plaza Trinidad – Destroyer Carrions Sauvages – Amadou and Mariam 711 – A Camp Old Time Lovin’ – […]

Later Thoughts From A TV Music Head (originally posted on The Guardian Music website)

‘Later’ tends to be a very nice, genteel London club where the members don’t like guests that disturb the peaceful equilibrium. Hence this week, we had Django Django (if Reinhardt was alive today I hope he would sue – twice), a band that sounded so weak that an old lady would consider helping them across […]

Is There A Wigga In Da House? Yes, Sir, Me, Sir, Tim Tim Fucking Dim Westwood

Is there a Wigga in the house? I said,  is there a Wigga in the house? Damn right there’s a muthafucking Wigga in the house, and it’s the biggest muthafucking Wigga out there – the Big Dawg (the word is ‘dog,’ Tim) himself, middle class bishop’s son from the hood of Peterborough. I first encountered […]

Daily Playlist 11/05/2012

Ballad of Humankindness – The Dears I’ll Be Faithful – Dusty Springfield Joey – Bob Dylan The Trouble With Dreams – Eels Grey Gardens – Rufus Wainwright The Celtic Soul Brothers – Dexy’s Midnight Runners The Dirty Dirty – Tapes ‘n’ Tapes Bottle Rocket – The Go Team Daughter – Espers Late Night Conversation – […]

Homesick Thoughts From A Broad

In my hungover state a few days ago, I needed comfort. Wrapped in a blanket, I needed Paris, the city I suppose I most identify as home. And when I need home comforts, I always turn to the French artists I associate with the city: Serge Gainsbourg, Camille Dalmais, Manu Chao, Keren Ann and Guesch […]

Daily Playlist 09/05/2012

Nude – Radiohead Blood Gets Thin – Pete and The Pirates Malibu Gas Station – Sonic Youth Love In the Shadows – The Magnetic Fields No Luciver- British Sea Power Take Me Home – Crystal Gayle and Tom Waits Reducer – The Pixies Nostalgia – Weekend I Could Hurt You Now – Aimee Mann Polaroids […]

Rhoda with The Special A.K.A. – The Boiler

After The Specials acrimoniously split asunder, Jerry Dammers started honing his political vision and made it explicit in his next reincarnation of the band. Whilst Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Neville Staples cavorted around the Top of the Pops studio as The Fun Boy Three (with or without Bananarama), Dammers’ phoenix from the flames, The […]

Daily Playlist 07/05/2012

Early the Haste Comes – LoneLady Roll River Roll – Richard Hawley My Lady Story – Antony and the Johnsons Hollywood 4-5-92 – American Music Club Thankyou Very Much – Kevin Ayers Come Together – Spiritualized Blue Sky White Sky – Virginia Astley Speaking With the Angel – Ron Sexsmith Wicked – The Twilight Singers […]

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