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Life Versus Art, Christ Versus Warhol

                portrait of the artist as a young blogger   When I first started this website, I had fully intended to remain a shadowy figure, lurking in Stygian gloom, commenting obliquely on music that had moved me in some way. I would merely be known as the arty […]

Daily Playlist 14/11/2012

Come See Come Saw – Rocket From The Crypt Jitterbug Boy – Tom Waits Over The Wall – Echo and the Bunnymen Plants and Rags – P J Harvey Are You Lonesome Like Me – The Feminine Complex Dirty Harry – Gorillaz Tightrope – Jonelle Monae Lovely 2CU – Goldfrapp Birdy – Kleenex Swinging Down […]

John Sex – Hustle With My Muscle

          Fed up with living in a squat in Amsterdam with a couple of junkies, I moved across the Atlantic to New Amsterdam, my head filled with tales of the times my father had there. I wanted to visit CBGBs; I wanted cops to warn me off crossing the Brooklyn Bridge […]

Top 10 Songs I Shouldn’t Like But Do (or How To Destroy Your Reputation In One Fell Swoop)

1/ Heartbeat – Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger (forget Julio – Enrique’s the man) 2/ Set Fire To The Rain – Adele (still can’t work out the vocal technique on this – she’s inhaling as she sings) 3/ Don’t Stop The Music – Jamie Cullum (not sure if this is seriously sexy or seriously slimy […]

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