Music is my passion and as with any passion it can lead to both unrequited love and death. So this site intends to be a combination of extremes where I shall pour out my cries of love to those who are deserving of it and seek the death and torment of those who choose to abuse the muse. Who I am is of little importance although if you are desperately keen to discover more you can find the usual facebook and twitter links around here somewhere (when I’ve figured out how to include them). What is important on this blog, and in art in general, is the content, the art itself not the personality – although clearly in my discussions elements of my personality will intrude. If you are a fan of mainstream music, you will probably not be a fan of this blog. Eric Clapton and Sting are amongst many on the hitlist of the arty assassin and they will be suitably dispatched after even more worthy candidates have met their fate. So if not mainstream music, what do I like? Well that will hopefully be revealed in the coming weeks and months as I not only assassinate the mediocrities clogging up our airwaves and bandwidths, but introduce you to those who should replace them. I intend to start the latter with a series of postpunk singles I have acquired whilst rifling through the record collections of those I have killed. We may then consider some French Chansons or Momus (although whether he is on the hit list or a prospective lover remains to be seen).  That is the beauty of this blog – I have no idea of where it is going, who will annoy me enough to add to the hitlist or who will capture my heart sufficiently to laud to the heavens. The future is an unknown territory that we shall cross together, killing those who stand in our way and taking lovers of those who woo us with their music of the spheres.


The violence, slayings, stabbings, massacres alluded to on this website are metaphorical and whilst certain individuals are real, the events surrounding them are fictional. So, for all you idiots who are unable to understand nuance, allegory, hyperbole etc and who really believed an innocent man was going to blow up Robin Hood Airport, THIS WEBSITE IS A WORK OF FICTION. There, now down to the serious business of assassinating those who deserve torture and death for forcing us to listen to their canon of mediocrity.


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