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Red Hot Chili Peppers Shock Rock the Cock Sock

          For me, The Red Hot Chili Peppers will always be known as Cocks in Socks. I saw the above picture in my formative years and as well as being taken aback by how small their cocks were, it left the impression that this was music made by a bunch of […]

Muse(ing) on Queen

          If you have had the misfortune to hear the new Muse single ‘Madness’, you will realise that Matt Bellend is trying to position his band as a 21st century Queen – but even more pompous and arrogant than their forebears. The song itself, (a hybrid of ‘I Want To Break […]

Pete Doherty – The Human Slug

          Jonathon Ross, Kirsty Wark, the NME, the French, Charlotte Corday and many others have all, at one time or another, been taken in by the artistic pretensions of Pete Doherty. I liked The Libertines and their vignettes of London life; I bought a couple of Babyshambles CDs thinking there would […]

Clapton Is Cod (Cod Reggae, Cod Blues – you name it)

I had managed to push the loathsome, vacuous blackhole that is Eric Clapton to the furthest recesses of my brain until  I was sat at a viewing of the recent Scorcese film about George Harrison and then, suddenly, without any advisory warnings before the film, there he was. onscreen, spewing his vile,odorous presence over the […]

Is There A Wigga In Da House? Yes, Sir, Me, Sir, Tim Tim Fucking Dim Westwood

Is there a Wigga in the house? I said,  is there a Wigga in the house? Damn right there’s a muthafucking Wigga in the house, and it’s the biggest muthafucking Wigga out there – the Big Dawg (the word is ‘dog,’ Tim) himself, middle class bishop’s son from the hood of Peterborough. I first encountered […]

Mad Richard Discovered To Be Dull Dick

Unbelievably, in the early days of The Verve, Richard Ashcroft used to be referred to as Mad Richard; but to me he will always be a Dick. The first two Verve LPs attracted little but derision or non-interest from critics and public alike. They were tuneless and grating LPs with no charm or finesse and […]

King Monkey – Armless, Legless and Clueless

King Monkey, or Ian Brown as he is known to his friend, has committed many crimes both to music and to humanity. It starts with The Stone Roses who produced the most overrated indie album of all time, a record so insipid and weak, it made Talulah Gosh  sound like a clash between Led Zeppelin, […]

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