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a selection of classic and unknown singles from about 1979 – 1984

Marine Girls – On My Mind

        Although I have purloined many of my father’s records, one of the joys of returning home to Paris is seeing what else I can discover in his treasure trove of forgotten artefacts. One such foray provided me with a cassette by a band called Marine Girls which in turn led me […]

Rhoda with The Special A.K.A. – The Boiler

After The Specials acrimoniously split asunder, Jerry Dammers started honing his political vision and made it explicit in his next reincarnation of the band. Whilst Terry Hall, Lynval Golding and Neville Staples cavorted around the Top of the Pops studio as The Fun Boy Three (with or without Bananarama), Dammers’ phoenix from the flames, The […]

To The Finland Station – Domino Theory

Home made paper sleeve printed by Islington Community Press? Check. Record stapled inside sleeve? Check. Full and transparent list of costs associated with record? Check. A statement eulogising the independent ethos? Check. Links for information on cooperatives and “Yankee Crimes”? Check. An address for the El Salvador Solidarity campaign? Check. A slagging off of national […]

Weekend – Drumbeat for Baby

Whilst Young Marble Giants have rightly been lauded for their magnificent LP Colossal Youth (and if you are unfamiliar with that meisterwerk then the Lebanese militias are coming for you), the bands that formed in their wake have been unjustly overlooked. The Moxham brothers went on to form The Gist (and their music, a clear […]

Felt – Penelope Tree

I always thought Lawrence’s surname was Fromfelt because  that was how he was always referred to.  Although we all now know his surname is Hayward, he has deliberately created a mystique around himself and is only ever referred to as Lawrence (or Lawrence from Felt). As a result numerous rumours have coagulated around him including […]

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ViperProof by ViperChill