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McCartney Free Monday

Following Paul’s call for all schools to ban meat products for one day a week (Meat Free Monday), I would like to call on all radio stations to ban Paul McCartney’s music for one day a week. A McCartney Free Monday would mean there is no risk of dragging yourself out of bed at six […]

Late Night Thoughts From A Heartbroken Soul (or How Joni Saved Me Part 2)

          After ‘Blue’, Joni Mitchell had to save both herself and me. However, what ‘Blue’ gave me was a sense that the artist had gone through what I was going through and come through the other side (she was still alive; she was still making music). Maybe I could survive this […]

Abusive and Delusional Thoughts from a Pea Brain

        What I hadn’t realised when I set up this site is how many of the people roaming in society really shouldn’t be there. Consequently, amongst all the nice comments people have sent (in particular, thanks Catriona, Mark and Lizzie), there are those who have no other form of expression except abuse. […]

Fuzzy Thoughts From A Drug Head

Firstly, if you didn’t catch my interview on The Guardian Music website, you can find it here: As you can imagine, that has resulted in far more visitors to the site than normal and allowing them to catch up is one of the reasons I haven’t posted anything new for the past few days. […]

Avaricious Thoughts From An Impoverished Mind

          I was paying my weekly visit to the local Oxfam record store (currently searching for Scott Walker and Lesley Duncan LPs) when I was distracted by the glass case in which they put their rare records. I saw one of my own collection there (the very first Fairport Convention record […]

Late Night Thoughts From A Heartbroken Soul (or How Joni Saved Me Part 1)

          I was twenty years old, a student at the Sorbonne, when Michele and Joni saved my life. The first major love of my life had left me and I was heartbroken, inconsolable. I wasn’t eating or sleeping – I was fading away and felt life was not worth living. A […]

Paranoid Thoughts From A Twisted Mind

I hate Facebook. I don’t like the idea of friends poking me or people I don’t want to having acess to my private life. As far as I’m concerned, if people are stupid enough to post pictures of themselves having sex with ospreys, employers have every right to raise objections (if you’re having sex with […]

Later Thoughts From A TV Music Head (originally posted on The Guardian Music website)

‘Later’ tends to be a very nice, genteel London club where the members don’t like guests that disturb the peaceful equilibrium. Hence this week, we had Django Django (if Reinhardt was alive today I hope he would sue – twice), a band that sounded so weak that an old lady would consider helping them across […]

Homesick Thoughts From A Broad

In my hungover state a few days ago, I needed comfort. Wrapped in a blanket, I needed Paris, the city I suppose I most identify as home. And when I need home comforts, I always turn to the French artists I associate with the city: Serge Gainsbourg, Camille Dalmais, Manu Chao, Keren Ann and Guesch […]

Sad Thoughts From A Contemplative Mind

Yesterday mid afternoon, I heard about Adam Yauch’s death on Twitter from a music biz friend in New York  before any of the major news agencies had picked up on it. It led me back to the only record of theirs I have, ‘Paul’s Boutique’, and from there to Spotify just to listen to ‘Sabotage’. […]

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