Daily Playlist 10/12/2012

Fawn – Scarlett Johansson

Umbrella – Stars

Field Song – Mark Lanegan

Dreamer In My Dreams – Wilco

Kingpin – Wilco

At The Chime Of A City Clock – Nick Drake

Dumb Magician – Blue Orchids

Let Love Speak Up Itself – The Beautiful South

Hey Jack Kerouac – 10,000 Maniacs

A Life as A Ghost – Editors

The Story Of The Blues Part 1 – J F Wah!

Me and the Major – Belle and Sebastian

Plead With The Man – Go-Kart Mozart

The Mind of Love – K D Lang

Song of Alice – Keren Ann

Trains to Brazil – Guillemots

Fake Tales of San Francisco – The Arctic Monkeys

The Moth – Aimee Mann

Jasmine Hoop – Kathryn Williams

Talk To Me – The Stills

Running Out of Space – Theaudience

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