Daily Playlist 29/07/2012

It’s a Moral Issue – Baader Meinhof

Theme from Burn Warehouse Burn – Baader Meinhof

Being Alone Together – David and David

Altitude – Pylon

IOU – Eg and Alice

It’s Obvious – Au Pairs

Papillon – Editors

Shotgun – Pete and the Pirates

You Masculine You – Lambchop

I Can’t Stand Myself – James Brown

Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes – Kevin Ayers

Everything Has Changed – Lucinda Williams

Sourire – Les Nubians

Words We Never Use – Ron Sexsmith

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2 Responses to Daily Playlist 29/07/2012

  1. I just made a mixtape of noirish early ’80s new wave tunes. Thought you might find it interesting:


    And thanks for the suggestions above. Or are they not necessarily endorsements?


    • Thanks for the heads up. I am currently listening to it now. Some is really obscure that I have never heard before (The Tights, Z Factor) and some I’m very familiar with (Urban Verbs, Passions, Pink Industry/ Military etc). As for my playlists, they just crop at on random play on my MP3 player and I record what’s there. They’re only an endorsement in so far as at one time in my life I thought there was some value in them. Sometimes I am ecstatic about my good taste and at other times I cringe.


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