Daily Playlist 31/3/12

I have not had gainful employment since January (an assassin’s job is not regular) and this has given me the opportunity to become a little fitter by taking an early morning walk which lasts approximately 45 minutes – could be longer dependant upon whether I decide to make a detour to buy food or look for books in the charity shop. Anyway,  I thought I would provide you with a soundtrack of my walk courtesy of my antique (I think it’s safe to call it that given it’s 5 years old) Creative Zen Vision mp3 player – so much cooler than Apple and none of the dreaded itunes software. There are over 10,000 tracks on there and I have it permanently set to random knowing that this is the coolest selection of music you could wish for (well in my own warped imaginings). There is no manipulation here. It would be easy to lie about the tracks that appear so that I seem the coolest person on the planet but what is on the list is the stuff that I listened to on the day. I hope that if there is something on the list that you are not familiar with, you give it a try: get yourself a Spotify account and listen to it. Oh and if the playlist goes dry, you’ll know I have my next assignment.

The Deserter – Fairport Convention

Ghost Train – Rickie Lee Jones

Music Is the Victim – Scissor Sisters

All and Everyone – P J Harvey

Cut Out Shapes – Magazine

Team – Bon Iver

Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear – Mathilde Santing

Between Us – Brendan Benson

Trivial Things – East River Pipe

Still In Love Song – The Stills




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