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The design of this blog is from a painting by Pieter Bruegel called Dulle Griet (or Mad Meg in English). I chose it for several reasons. Firstly, Bruegel is one of my favourite artists and the madness depicted in his paintings is meant to depict the madness of the society he lived in at the time. I felt that as my writing is partly based on mocking artists (?) who, for some reason, are popular, that this theme would be ideal for satirical writing aimed at poking fun at the establishment. And then, of course, there is the figure of Meg herself, a peasant woman who leads an army of women to pillage Hell. So, a woman who comes from humble beginnings, is indomitable, brave, prepared to ransack the jaws of hell and is heavily armed (a proto-feminist perhaps), well, surprisingly, I could identify with that.

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