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Morrissey, I became drunk on your words; I was intoxicated by you but you have finally crossed the line and I can no longer ignore it. The Smiths are probably my favourite band ever which is why I spared you from the hit list. However, your latest idiocy has offended me and many other Arabs who were fans.

Having made the political decision to play Israel, last Saturday you accepted the keys to the city from Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai and then compounded the situation by wrapping the Israeli flag around yourself during your performance at the Bitan 1 venue. Israeli news coverage was typified by this headline from Haaretz, ‘Morrissey shows he loves Israel in Tel Aviv concert.’ Having (mis)used a flag before in Finsbury Park, you must have been aware of the symbolic significance of what you were doing and yet you chose to wrap yourself in the flag of a nation which has, and still is, causing untold misery and death to people in the occupied territories. By playing in Israel, you had an opportunity to speak out on these issues but you’ve chosen not to, deciding instead to clothe yourself in the flag of Israel and be lauded by the country’s press as a loyal supporter to a regime as brutal as it is ruthlessly efficient. In the past, Elvis Costello called off planned gigs in Israel citing the “intimidation” and “humiliation” of Palestinians. God, even Jon Bon Jovi won’t play there!

And yet you, Morrissey, have prostituted yourself: for money, for adulation? Who knows or even cares any more. Big Mouth Strikes Again but far more important are the actions behind the gob.

I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour but Heaven knows I’m miserable now.

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2 Responses to Mozzer the Prosser

  1. Itay

    Get your facts right first about the government, come and be in Israel for a few days, then speak about the ‘brutality and death’ when southern Israel is bombarded with missiles by the lovely and humanitarian Hamas (known as a terror organization by the sane part of the world) and then talk about brutality.
    An organization who instead of making its city prosper and develop it, making its people happy, are just taking all the donations and putting all the money into terror and attacking innocent civilians.
    Not even mentioning the rubbish they’re teaching at schools, calling the jews evil and call for the destruction of Israel.
    So cut the crap, read some history books and go visit Israel before you spread your evil words.
    Playing in Israel has nothing political about it, it’s only people like you who make it political.
    Loads of huge artists have played there, get over yourself.


    • Ok let’s try to deal with each of your points in turn. Firstly, as an Arab, I have no desire to go to a country where I shall be treated as a second class citizen. I did not use the terms ‘lovely’ or ‘humanitarian’ to describe Hamas, you did. Any group that uses religion to try to subjugate women can go fuck themselves (that includes right wing Jewish groups as well as Islamists). I am not an expert on what is taught in every school in Palestine – which ones did you visit to glean your information? If all the money donated to the West Bank was being put into ‘terror and attacking innocent civilians’, I hardly think Obama would have just sent $147 million dollars there. The reason it is needed there is that Israel has caused a humanitarian crisis. There are countless official reports of the atrocities caused by Israel but I shall merely direct you to one of the latest ones to be found documented in an Israeli newspaper: My mother worked as a human rights lawyer in the West Bank and I will have read more history books than you have read their titles – one of my degrees is in Political History. Finally, choosing to play in a country at war and wrapping yourself in the flag of that country has everything to do with politics. You, sir, are truly deluded or truly thick.


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