Sleaford Mods / Animals And Men – The Cavern, Exeter

sleaford mods

Two bands stumble onto the stage tonight. Both are a bunch of cunts for varying reasons.

I saw one of Sleaford Mods leaving the venue as I came in. I now know why. Animals and Men come on stage, take off their raincoats and announce, “We Are Machines.” If they were, they’d be at the dump tomorrow. To declare the band look like Paddy McAloon without the talent and Deirdre Barlow with none of the sex appeal would be paying them a huge compliment. A severe dis as in dysentery; dire as in diarrhoea. A song called ‘Babylon’ would have made Patti Smith long for suburbia. Neither animals nor men – simply the excrement left behind.

Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn shamble on stage and begin the way they mean to continue with ‘Bunch of Cunts’. The pent up anger and frustration of Williamson is evident from the outset: this is a society that is fucked up; the working class are fucked with few means of remedying that situation. Song upon song build on that theme and frustration: ‘Jobseeker’ – fucking finding a job is hard enough and when you do you’re serving a ‘McFlurry’ – zero wage, zero hour cunt shit bollocks. Serving food on minimum wage for a bunch of cunts who earn billions. Cunts! The rage is there for all to see in Williamson’s face. Yet it’s too easy to call people cunts. This band would mean nothing without the humour and wit to carry it off. John Cooper Clarke held Thatcher’s government to account in a literate and humorous manner. Jason Williamson has those same qualities. Passion, anger and humour are a powerful force. The language used is vital, vitriolic, scathing, scabrous, obscene. It has to be to show what is happening in the UK right now. And the crowd reaction reflects that. They connect. I have seen Babybird, Six By Seven, Ezra Furman (all bands I love) at this same venue but none have resulted in this reaction. The audience know the lyrics, scream them back at Jason whose stage demeanour is one of flicking dandruff off his head, cupping his breasts like a porn star and looking as though he’s trying to lick your cunt. When you have Andrew Fearn just pressing a button each song, acting like Chris Lowe has just been fucked in a New York gay sauna, with one hand in his trouser pocket wanking himself off and the other necking a can of lager, you truly have the anti Pet Shop Boys: both great; both literate; one relevant.

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23 Responses to Sleaford Mods / Animals And Men – The Cavern, Exeter

  1. Alex

    Very harsh on the first band. Animals and men were great, real raw sounds of old school punk/rock. Crowd loved them too!


    • Lyrics that spelt out the blindingly obvious combined with ‘tunes’ that matched the lyrics and would have sounded dated 40 years ago. Yeah you’re right there – old school punk / rock but unfortunately the type of punk / rock created by the talentless and clueless. And I rather suspect the elements of the crowd that enjoyed them were their mates.


  2. Steve Cammack

    Sounds like you were the biggest CUNT there!


  3. Steve Cammack

    This is what a review looks like. (Just in case you need to take notes)…..


    • How dare you prescribe what a review should be. I have to confess I fell asleep half way through yours. It was boring, pedestrian and poorly written whereas mine was concise, witty and articulate. I also removed your link for fear of sending others into a coma. Nice pics though. Stick with those and leave words to those who have a facility with them.


      • Steve Cammack

        Firstly: I did not write the review.
        Now then: I can prescribe what a review should read like, as a reader of literature. A connoisseur of words. Your writing of the SM gig was not witty nor concise but a collection of drivel reading like that of a 12 year olds diary. It contained ignorance and naivety. You just do not get i, do you?
        You obviously have NO TALENT but are willing to childishly criticise those that do.
        Your tweeting during the gig was an insult to the intelligence too. Try listening and watching next time and leave your mobile device switched off.


        • Ooooh a reader of literature, a connoisseur of words. I bow down to you. I am a mere teacher of literature and speak 3 languages fluently. Still I am sure you are vastly more intelligent than me and clearly your opinions are more important than mine. You are the biggest prick I have met on here.


          • Steve Cammack

            Just sticking my head above the parapet, something that others probably don’t do. You really teach literature? No wonder the teaching profession is in such a state. What does speaking 3 languages have to do with anything? And YES my opinions are more important than yours.


          • Yes I teach literature. Speaking 3 languages may suggest to you I have a certain command of language but you are so dense I doubt you see the connection. And your final sentence says it all. I misjudged you. You’re not the biggest prick I have met on here; you are the biggest, arrogant prick I have met on here.


          • By the way my music content has been published in The Guardian and Louder Than War. Then there are the academic journals I write for. I obviously can’t write. And yes you have angered me.


  4. Chopstick

    For what it’s worth I think this is an excellent review. I’ve not been lured by the sound of the Sleaford Mods yet but this makes me want to see them live.

    Also, Steve – You go anywhere on the Internet acting that pompous don’t be surprised to receive exactly the same sort of verbal beating you just got.


    • Thank you, Chopstick. There are some horrible, uneducated, venomous people on here. Thankfully, you are not one of them.

      FYI I have been reported by Steve Cammack for volunteering his email on here. By posting and me accepting his response, he has volunteered it himself.


  5. Carl

    An excellent review. Having seen Sleaford Mods live last year (by accident at a festival) you’ve summed up the experience perfectly.
    And even more entertaining was your witty and accurate riposte to Steve ‘I’ve read some books, yer know’ Cammack. Wot a wazzock.


    • Thanks for your support. Truly much appreciated. Wazzock is one of many English words that could be used of someone with so little self-knowledge and such an unwarranted, elevated opinion of themselves.


  6. geoff

    Not to take sides at all. I feel Steve was trying to defend us,but our only defence is our music.We walk on stage as we do and as we always have done. No prentice no attitude.We want the response you gave, because it inspires people to say what you said and they go away and form there own bands. In there heads they can do better , they are better.
    So we achieved what we set out to do 40 years ago and the legacy will carry on via your review .
    Love and peace through music.


    • I genuinely didn’t enjoy your band and said so. However, I am humbled by your generous response and feel you are a better person than me. I have a feeling we may actually get on in real life as I appreciate that generosity of spirit and would hope you recognise that the vitriol was not aimed at you personally.
      Much love.
      Charlotte x



    the vitriol was very much personal not constructive critique of the music just a childish slagging based on looks etc ….lame


    • I have no intention of paying any regard to someone incapable of using capital letters, commas, full stops or basic sentence construction.



    Ha ha , I have ‘A’ Level English lit and language as well , not as good as you of course.I also work in the field of weird fiction , so what was I thinking to write such a grammatically defective sentence ? Anyway admonishments aside , I think you understood the thrust of my comment well enough.


    • If you’re going down the academic achievement route, I’ll call your A level and raise you my literature doctorate. I know what I meant, you know what I meant and I stand by what I meant. They were shit. Can’t be any plainer.



    If you read my comment you can see that I wasn’t trying to compete with you , a trait you seem obsessed with . I’d all ready read you had a literature doctorate .Getting one over on people seems to be paramount to you. Weather you thought the band shit or not is irrelevant to me . It was the personal attack I objected to and then being all nicey nicey with one of the band members, making out it wasn’t personal , it blatantly was.You thought they were shit …a lot of people didnt . over and out.


    • If you weren’t trying to compete, why bring up your insignificant, academic achievement? I doubt you actually have that given you can’t spell whether. Over and out.


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