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Sleaford Mods / Animals And Men – The Cavern, Exeter

Two bands stumble onto the stage tonight. Both are a bunch of cunts for varying reasons. I saw one of Sleaford Mods leaving the venue as I came in. I now know why. Animals and Men come on stage, take off their raincoats and announce, “We Are Machines.” If they were, they’d be at the […]

Life Versus Art, Christ Versus Warhol

                portrait of the artist as a young blogger   When I first started this website, I had fully intended to remain a shadowy figure, lurking in Stygian gloom, commenting obliquely on music that had moved me in some way. I would merely be known as the arty […]

Mary Margaret O’Hara – The Missing Genius of Miss America

One classic LP, a charming Christmas EP, a soundtrack LP and some magnificent live performances is virtually the sum total of Mary Margaret OHara’s contribution to music. And yet what a contribution it is. I first came across her as a teenager rifling through my father’s singles and came across ‘Body’s In Trouble’ from the […]

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ViperProof by ViperChill