Top 10 Songs I Shouldn’t Like But Do (or How To Destroy Your Reputation In One Fell Swoop)

1/ Heartbeat – Enrique Iglesias and Nicole Scherzinger (forget Julio – Enrique’s the man)

2/ Set Fire To The Rain – Adele (still can’t work out the vocal technique on this – she’s inhaling as she sings)

3/ Don’t Stop The Music – Jamie Cullum (not sure if this is seriously sexy or seriously slimy – probably both)

4/ Fight For This Love – Cheryl Cole (eh, pet, someone finally wrote a good song for you)

5/ Patches – Clarence Carter (deeply sentimental but also deeply Southern Soul)

6/ Back For Good – Take That (proof that every shit band has one good song)

7/ I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas (I may hate William but you have to love piss stained Fergie)

8/ Hollywood – Michael Buble (since he stopped trying to be a 21st century Sinatra, his music’s improved immensely)

9 / No Limit – 2 Unlimited (as a mixed race kid, I wanted to be Poly Styrene or Anita Doth)

10=/ Jar of Hearts – Christina Perry (I love the vocal on this and it’s a beautiful song so suck on it!)

10=/ California Gurls –  Katy Perry  (has Snoop Dogg done a worse rap?)

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