Unknown Pleasures

I intend to use this section of my blog to introduce, or reacquaint, you with artists that seem to have slipped beneath the radar. I shall try to convince you that these are musicians worthy of your time and which particular tracks / LPs you should be listening to. Already in the pipeline are pieces on Keren Ann, Cathal Coughlan, Mary Margaret O’Hara and The Sound.

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8 Responses to Unknown Pleasures

  1. drdredresden

    I’m actually enjoying your website. It’s provocative, amusing and insightful. Am particularly looking forward to what you think of mary margaret o’hara. Saw her a few times and she was magnificent. Don’t think me a stalker but you seem to have an incredible knowledge of music for someone 20 years younger than me.


  2. Thanks for your kind comments but they’re probably not deserved. I am stumbling along blind here, not sure what turnings I am going to take or what this blog will become. It was only today I decided on Unknown Pleasures. As for my age – I’m 32 – hardly young. Are you really in your 50s?


  3. See what I mean – I have just taken an hour to try and figure out how to get my pic on the avatar instead of the symbol. A combination of different email addresses and the fact my pic is too scary for general consumption. I am PG material.


  4. drdredresden

    Unfortunately I am and 32 seems young to me lol. What surprised me was the fact that you seem so interested in music that was being made when you were a child.


  5. My father had all these records (I grew up with them – he thought I needed a good education) and I stole them from him when I left Paris for London. So in a way this blog is honouring my father’s exquisite taste which he has passed on to me – along with his record collection.


  6. drdredresden

    I’m depressed now. You have made me feel old. I like a blog that could have been written by my daughter lol


  7. Mark

    Just to add my say, i’m 30 and my dads only LP collection is pure Bee Gees, so i’m stumbling along blind trying to find post punk gems! You don’t know how lucky you are! It’s nice to find a useful website like this for pointers, as it makes a change from hoping to strike lucky on youtube, as i’ve been doing so far!


    • My dad brought us up to believe the Bee Gees were the enemy. I hope you’re finding records you like on here. The LPs I write about you should find on Spotify to listen to and the singles seem to be on YouTube. Glad to be a public service x


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